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Music Research's History

Music Research has conducted its unique, consumer-based Record Test surveys in Southern California’s cultural “melting pot” continuously, since 1974. The system began as a multi-media, auditorium-based experience (the forerunner of today’s “auditorium testing”), conducted in week-end sessions at the Preview House in Los Angeles, with 300 “wired” respondents, holding electronic ratings dials, and wearing galvanic skin sensors!

Since those early days, the same basic questions have been asked of respondents in each survey. The database and statistical measurements of survey results are updated with each new session, to produce reliable statistical “norms” (mean and standard deviation) for responses to each of the basic test measures. Updated norms are produced for hundreds of key demographic and behavioral “subgroups” of each new survey audience. Millions of Southern California music lovers have given their opinions in MRC’s Record Test surveys over the past three decades.

MRC's new MusicLovers and Record Test Online surveys were introduced in 2004. MusicLovers Surveys provide instant access to responses from the national and international MusicLovers Panel, while "RTO" includes all the features of the legendary Record Test survey. Both services offer secure streaming of one or more tracks at extremely reasonable rates. ML Surveys provide longer-term online exposure, while the more comprehensive RTO offers faster survey completion.

MusicLovers Survey

MusicLovers® Survey

Got a Hit? MusicLovers Survey can help you prove it!

MRC’s entry-level service is ideal for Independent labels, publishers, artists, writers and producers who seek accurate information about their songs, but don’t have huge budgets to work with.

MusicLovers Survey features:

  • Exclusive “Pick of the Web” charts – Prove you’ve got hit potential when results for your song are compared to hits from indie- and major-label artists. MRC’s results are ideal for presentation to investors, talent scouts, artist managers, music publishers, record producers, lawyers, and label execs.
  • Links directly from survey to your website – Hook up with fans interested in your artist and buying products from the artist’s own or affiliated website.
  • Positive Ratings, Request and Purchase Intentions – Easy-to-read graphs show you how likely it is that people are going to like, request, and buy your music.
  • Demographics Matrix – See how your songs rate on a 1-10 scale. Learn which market segments are most interested in your songs and where to best focus your marketing dollars to maximize interest and generate requests and purchases.
  • Password-Protected Online Access for Clients - View results anytime, anywhere, with MRC online. Search by artist and print from any computer with internet access!

Record Test

Record Test

MRC’s flagship service, designed for music professionals who require the most detailed analysis of Artist and Song acceptance.

The Record Test features:

  • 500 listener interviews (Nationwide), balanced by age, sex, and ethnicity.
  • Exclusive “Hit Forecaster” - Get the most reliable Market Potential projections available anywhere, based on comparisons of results to Billboard chart activity and our music-consumer research experience developed over three decades.
  • Positive Ratings, Request and Purchase Intentions – Learn which market segments are most interested in your songs and where to best focus your marketing dollars to maximize interest and generate requests and purchases.
  • Listener Acceptance by Format – See how music fans with varying tastes rate your music on easy to understand scales and graphs
  • Artist Familiarity – Find out who is familiar with your artist, who the fans really are, and where they may be best exposed to your hits.
  • Internet Download Intentions – Know the preferences of Music Downloaders, often great indicators of hits to come. Find out what they think about requesting and downloading your tracks online.
  • Listener Comments – What are music fans really thinking about your artist and songs? Find out through actual real and uncensored listener comments!
  • Password-Protected Online Client Access - View your reports anytime, from anywhere, with MRC online. Search by the artists you’ve tested, download .pdf reports and print from any computer with internet access!
  • MusicLovers – Receive value-added exposure and customized results from our online panel members. Access our exclusive “Pick of the Web” charts to see how your songs compare to those from indi- and major-label artists. Link your website to fans interested in buying your CD or learning more about your artist.

The Record Test is simply the most user-friendly, comprehensive and predictive music marketing research tool available.

Please feel free to contact us or e-mail us for more information.

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