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Larry Heller, Founder, President, and CEO,
Music Research Consultants

Music Industry veteran, marketing innovator, and consumer and music marketing research consultant, Larry Heller, is the founder, president and CEO of Music Research Consultants, Inc.. As a leading innovator and proponent of the Music Marketing Research Industry, Mr. Heller has helped raise music-industry awareness and use of marketing and consumer research, through the introduction of the Record Test Survey and other statistically-based, consumer research applications and marketing models.

Since 1974, Music Research clients have included virtually all of the industry's major record companies, recording executives and artists, as well as distributors, retailers, concert promoters and major entertainment and media companies. Before founding Music Research, Mr. Heller served in the music industry, as a booking agent, artists' manager, marketing and promotions executive, music publisher, and executive record producer.

In 1990, Mr. Heller co-founded MusicWriter, Inc. (with Music and Game Industry executive, Jon Monday) -- the innovators of electronic distribution and point-of-sale manufacturing systems for the music publishing, print and music products industries. MusicWriter's pioneering NoteStation ¨ system was the very first consumer-operated interactive multimedia kiosk, manufacturing and distributing sheet music and electronic music arrangements, MIDI files and music software applications "on-demand" in hundreds of retail music shops and educational institutions across the US and Europe.

As president of MusicWriter International Mr. Heller was responsible for overseeing MusicWriter's international market and product development, system distribution, song and products licensing and catalogue acquisition, and market and consumer research.

Since 1995, Mr. Heller has re-focused his energies on securing Music Research Consultants' position as the foremost provider of consumer-based research services to the Music Industry, and guided the evolution of MRC's unique Southern California based Music Consumers Panel into a potent marketing force, whose opinions are heard today in executive suites of record companies within every major music distribution camp.

"It's been great to watch a growing recognition of the value and strategic importance of allowing listeners' opinions to become a part of the creative and marketing process," says Heller. "While I'm obviously proud of our 30-year history of innovation, unmatched statistical underpinnings, and real-world verification -- I'm also looking forward to pushing the technological envelope even further, ultimately allowing an increased flow of timely, strategic information, benefiting clients and their artists more than ever before."

Mr. Heller can be reached directly at:lheller@musicresearch.com

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