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Music Industry News Podcast brought to you by Music Research.com. A Podcast which discusses the music, entertainment, content and technology industries. Contact us at info@musicresearch.com with your feedback!

1st show, recorded in autumn of 2007

As we approach the holiday season of 2007 whats happening in the world of music and media content.

A review of some of the major trends in 2007

Its our first show of 2008. We discuss EMI, Rock Band and restrictive DRM issues.

In this episode we continue to discuss EMI, Upgraded Iphones and other new mobile tech and content in a mobile world.

Steam possibly to start distributing music and video through its current download platform, Software that chooses what music you want to listen to and lots of banter and discussion from the Music Research Consultants team!

In this episode we deliver a topical news bulletin and then discuss a variety of ways a new act can sculpt a career for themselves.

In this episode we deliver a topical news bulletin.

In this episode we deliver a topical news bulletin.

In this episode we deliver a topical news bulletin including news on apple new iphone, internet radio stations revolt and much more!.

This was recorded just before the 4 of July and we discuss the impact of globalization on content distribution and make an analogy with the Wild West!.

EMI and SONBMG news. Also we discuss the new Playstation Video Store.

We have a new guest, Simon Young (ex Sony Europe and Mushroom Records) and we talk EMI and SONBMG, again! Also we discuss Cuil, the new search engine and indabamusic.com.

We discuss the passing of an Atlantic legend, the war of words between games and record labels and somehow move off subject onto how well Team GB did at the olympics!

Marillion try something new, does MP3 sound better on some players more than others?

A look at some of the traditional jobs in the industry and music on SD cards - how original!

SONYBMG fallout discussed and much more!

Politics, job losses in gaming and er, more politics. Some guy called Obama won something .

Economic woes discussed as we sign off for 2009.

First show of 2009!

Our response to the Grammys, Muzak goes under, Totaly Music no more, films losing their value.

Artists falling over themselves to perform, France out on a limb and Nokia Came With Music!

Clear Channel's new approach to channelling content, tickemaster and livenation go slow, some MP3s actually sound ok and the Uk government go digital.

A look at some of the current new stories and a view of 2010 holds.

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